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Golf course „Am Katzberg”, Langenfeld
A golf course of very high value was created here, despite limited financial means and the extremely small area (19,2ha) which was available. The course includes an exemplary driving range and 9 high quality holes with many ecological compensation measures and some lakes of 6000 sq.m. The lack of long fairways (PAR 62, 3910m) was compensated for by various playing elements each with a very different character as well as the creation of individual greens. (Greens on islands, funnel-shaped greens, plateaus, terraced greens, etc.) On as many as 7 greens water is the main design feature. The material excavated for the lake together with 70,000 cu.m. of imported soil have helped to create a golf landscape, which can indeed stand up against those of more famous courses: a golfing gem, which need not be shy of comparison. The course was given an IOC / IAKS Award in 2003. Total construction costs: € 1.85 million including the clubhouse.
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