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Shalimal Hotel- and Golf Resort, Mallorca (at the planning stage)
In the North-East of the island, approx. 10 km away from the coast, a major hotel project with golf courses and other sporting activities is being planned on the extensive estate of a finca
(~ 800 hectare). As opposed to the most other parts of the island, water is sufficiently available. The golf course will be watered with the clarified water of the neighbouring sewage plant. At the moment, the area is either not used at all or in a very sparsely agricultural way. Existing carob- and fig tree plantations will be integrated into the golf course planning.  At the periphery of the surrounding area picturesque tree sceneries can be enjoyed. A creek is flowing through the area from south-west to north-east and is being dammed at several stages to create larger water surfaces. The existing premises build the basis for the future hotel grounds with lushly created outdoor facilities, swimming areas and open areas for sporting activities.
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