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Private Garden Doctor Schumacher, Hochdahl
In Hochdahl, near the world-famous Neanderthal and with a view to the Cologne Cathedral which is 40 km away, is the property of the Schumacher family. Located on a hill with a difference in altitude of about 9 to 10 m, the construction of the garden was very complicated, yet very attractive.
The element of water was the most important request of the owner. For instance, the pond has two levels. The water is pumped to a rock fountain and back via a water step into the big pond.
Due to the hillside situation there are several individual parts of the garden. Depending on weather, wind and sunshine there are seven different sitting areas where the peace and beauty of the garden can be enjoyed. 4 years later, the garden has been enlarged by approximately 800 m² and further highlights. The plantation is very sophisticated flowering all over the year and certainly needs a good level of knowledge in care and maintenance.

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