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Private garden Dr. Wenninger, Leverkusen
This ,average' garden had been enjoyed for twenty years, until its owners decided to change everything after a trip to the Far East. A mobile crane hoisted a bulldozer over the roof of the house and the garden that had been well-maintained for years then disappeared. A new, almost Japanese garden was created with many oriental features. The green backdrop to it all is an existing collection of shrubs and trees. A small goldfish pond was converted into a pond for Koi fish,
200sq. m in size. Large wooden decks appear to float above the surface of the water and granite boulders act as stepping stones. A stream arising from a spring provides the necessary water circulation. Rhododendrons, Japanese azaleas and sycamores as well as various species of bamboo give the garden an exotic Far-Eastern flair. An almost 12 metre square mirror on the side of the garage gives the impression that the garden is twice as large as it is and produces very surprising visual effects.
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